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About Membership

  • Lowest Price: Members can use bonus points to pay less!
  • Bonus Point Rewards: New members and Freinds Referalls receives 5 bonus point each and 5% of YOUR completed order.
  • Refund Claim: You can get a refund at any time before the delivery is completed.
  • Members Priority: The Members have priority , we assure you by our best and fastest service.
  • Privacy Protect: Privacy is a must , we assure you the protection of your informations.
  • Online Service: GoldCEO is always here for you , our support service is open 24/7!

GoldCEO has seven levels of membership

Membership Level Membership Icon Consumption USD Membership Discount Bonus Point Using Rate
Unverified   0 0% 0%
Regular   0 0.5% 2%-5%
VIP-D   200 1% 2%-5%
VIP-C   800 2% 2%-5%
VIP-B   1500 3% 2%-5%
VIP-A   3000 4% 2%-5%
Top-VIP   5000 5% 2%-5%


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