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  • What is Bonus Point?

    Bonus Points can be used with your purchases as a benefit for being a member with us.

    Every time you purchase, you can use a certain amount of Bonus Points to reduce the overall cost depending on the amount of your spendings.

    1 Bonus Point equals 1 US Dollar.

  • How to get Bonus Point?

    A. You can get 5 Bonus Point when you register and verified your e-mail address at .com If you were recommended by friends, write your friends registered e-mail when you register, you’ll get 5 extra Bonus Point

    B. If you recommend a new member, you can get 5 Bonus Point when the new member’s 1st order delivered.

    C. When your order is delivered, check “my purchased orders” in “User Center”, submit a comment, then you will receive a certain percentage Bonus Point of your purchase

  • How to use Bonus Point?

    A. Enter your Bonus Points while you are making an order, and your payment amount will be reduced. The amount of Bonus Point you can use is determined by the amount of money that you will pay, to a maximum of 5% of your purchased amount.

    B. You can also use the Bonus Points to participate in some promotions at .com

  • How to get back used Bonus Point while my payment is failed?

    Just delete your unpaid order in “My purchased orders” in “User Center”, and the system will return your used Bonus Point.

  • Where to check my Bonus Point?

    Members can login to check the Bonus Point on My User Center page.

  • has seven levels of membership

Membership Level Membership Icon Consumption USD Membership Discount Bonus Point Using Rate
Unverified   0 0% 0%
Regular   0 0.5% 2%-5%
VIP-D   200 1% 2%-5%
VIP-C   800 2% 2%-5%
VIP-B   1500 3% 2%-5%
VIP-A   3000 4% 2%-5%
Top-VIP   5000 5% 2%-5%

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk with us on "Live Chat" where our customer service will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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